Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | February 25, 2012

How do I start?

Well, after some thought, I’ve decided to start a blog. I’m not sure right now how often I’ll write. I have some ideas on topics that I’d like to write about…….now, to get my thoughts together.

Like everyone, I want to write about things that interest me. That can be a wide open field some days.

Maybe I can start by introducing myself.  I have been a social worker since 1984…and can hardly believe it has been so long. I love my work. At the same time, I get frustrated when I see the way things are moving in the world. Is that a sign that I am getting old? I hope not! I believe that age is a state of mind.

I moved to northern British Columbia from Toronto many years ago. Some people say that is a big change…..yes, and that was the idea. We needed a change. This is great community even if the winters can be a little long at times. When you go out for groceries or other errands around town, you have to factor in visiting time when you are out. There will always be someone you know in the produce aisle, or meats. You have to be ready to stop and chat. I like that. People only complain about traffic in front of me once…….it is quite a different thing from Toronto traffic. People stop and let you cross the road when you are a pedestrian. Rush hour? Well, if there is such a thing here, it happens about 5:00 a.m. when all the oil and gas workers are leaving to go work in “The Patch”. Usually though, traffic “jams” are short lived, and only slow you down by a couple of minutes.  If you go to a restaurant or coffee shop more than once, you are a regular. If you don’t know names, you at least know faces and can say hello. Quite often they will know your favourite and have it ready when you approach. This is a pretty nice town. A little rough around the edges sometimes, but aren’t we all.

Practicing social work here is also different from practicing in Toronto. We have a nice community of social workers here now, and other professionals who are similar. Child and youth care workers, psych majors, marriage and family therapists. It is pretty easy to connect with other service providers. Most days. Of course, I have some ideas on how to improve things. If only people would listen.

I was spurred on to start a blog when I heard someone talking about the BC budget that came out this week. He said “if you can’t afford to eat, then don’t eat”. I wasn’t sure if he was joking or what. Sadly, that type of attitude seems to be more prevalent these days. I don’t understand it. At the same time, when I learn more about my church, I hear that the institutional church has to change because we are less hierarchical and more participatory, or something. So, it seems we have these two things happening at the same time. Dog eat dog, and dog care for dog…….or something. As Arsenio Hall used to say (so many years ago) “things that make you go hmmmmm”…….I suppose that is how my brain works.

I plan to use my blog to talk about social work issues. It might be political or social issues. It might be stories about my dog or the shelter. Cats might also enter my stories since I serve two cats at home. We’ll see where this takes me….

Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase. ~Martin Luther King Jr.



  1. Blogging has been a wonderful journey for me. I hope it’ll be the same for you. I know I’m excited to read more. Social workers are a unique breed, aren’t we?


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