Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | February 26, 2012

A new way to procrastinate?

From Facebook

It is Sunday morning. It is a bright, sparkly day out there, though it might be cold. I don’t know because the dog and I have not been out for a walk yet. So, what have I been doing instead? Reading blogs, surfing, thinking. I’m supposed to be doing some work related reading. Oh sure, those progressive, political, feminist (etc) blogs are good research on one level. But really…….it is just a productive procrastination.

The coffee is most excellent this morning. The dog is flaked out enjoying a patch of sun on the living room floor. He looks at me longingly, though I suspect he knows we won’t be walking now until this afternoon…….he is a patient guy, in a wierd way.

One of my recent goals has been to arrange my work time better, so I am not working on weekends. I’m not doing so well…..but then maybe this is my passive way of doing that!

At any rate, I have to get out of here and get ready for church. I’ll probably be part of the latecomers club. It is a good thing I’m part of a relaxed, casual and friendly church!



  1. Addendum: I got to church a bit late, and when I arrived, they all broke into appluase…….I’m guessing it was about one of the announcements and had nothing to do with my entrance. Really. 🙂 Dog got his walk this afternoon. We were able to walk in the space where he can be off-leash. It is about his favourite spot. The bonus was he got to meet new friends and had a chance to play with other four-legged tail-waggers!

  2. Ok, love the procrastination confession! School busted that out of me the first semester but I just KNOW it’s still lurking, ready to raise its head again …

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