Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | March 2, 2012

It stinks

Dog after rolling in stinky bear scat

You can’t really tell by looking at the picture, but that dog smells really bad! We were on a hike up a hill on a lovely spring day. It was likely the first really nice day of the year. We had climbed the mile or so to the top of the hill, and were enjoying the view from the top. Dog was getting hugs and “good boys” and was quite enjoying the day. It was really nice. Then it happened. His nose went up in the air, and his eyes locked on to the source of the scent. He took off in that direction. We knew it couldn’t be good. I stood up and looked to see him rolling gleefully in something. He was so ecstatic! I mean, what dog wouldn’t be?! I called him back and he ran back proudly. I could almost hear him say “Guess what I found?!” Ever so proudly of course. Rather like a ten year old bringing his winning artwork home from school. And then the smell hit us. It was seriously awful. Like something died. The kind of smell that makes you gag it is so bad. He didn’t seem to understand why no one was petting and hugging him anymore. I’m sure he wondered about the faces we were making. We walked over to find the carcass he had rolled in. Surely he must have rolled in something dead, it smelled so bad. When we found it, we saw how small it was. About six inches across. Bear scat. Of course being about 20 minutes drive out of town made this even more interesting. Four of us had driven out in two vehicles. Dog and I were alone for our trip home. Windows were open. Thank goodness for the self-serve dog wash in town! Thankfully, he cleaned up quite easily.

When I listen to the news right now, I’m not sure that the stinky stuff I am hearing about will clean up as easily. Apparently the Crime Bill passed Senate last night. When I tried to look it up, I only found one story (, on  I looked on CBC,, and did a general search. Only one article. Did anyone know it was going to a vote this week? With all the news about “robocalls” I think it got lost in the shuffle.  This is from the article:

The Conservatives used their majority to limit debate on the bill to six hours, much to the chagrin of the opposition Liberals. Only one Conservative voted against limiting debate: Sen. Pierre Nolin. Nolin was also expected to vote against final passage of the bill.

The government promised to pass the omnibus crime bill within 100 days of taking office, and limiting debate was done to ensure the government could keep its promise, said Conservative Sen. Claude Carignan.

“Canadians are expecting us to (pass) this,” Carignan said.

“The best way to ensure the population is not jaded when it comes to politics is to keep our promises.”

 Another way to ensure the population is not jaded is to listen to the experts, the citizens and everyone who said there were some bad things in this bill, and that the bill could not go through “as is”. Of course, some things are good. It is important to toughen up on some things. Whenever you put the word “Omnibus” on to a bill though, you know something is going through that should not. This will not make our streets safer as the name of the bill suggests.

Of course, the whole “robocalls” issue has been taking centre stage in the Canadian media. It has been interesting to see this story develop. The most recent revelation was the Conservatives stating this was a smear campaign. Interesting. I had a Twitter “chat” with my MP, Bob Zimmer last night. He had tweeted that the Liberals were to blame. I tweeted that I was tired of all the blaming and wished someone would take responsiblity, to which he replied that he also had that wish. At some point he said the Liberals were doing this. He did not answer my question wondering why they would interfere with voters when they wanted all the votes so they could win. Ultimately, he said the issue has been cleared. I was surprised by this and asked where there was information about this. He said “we didn’t do it….air cleared”. Well isn’t that excellent news! He suggested I watch a program on Sun News for a good summary of the issue. 🙂 Another Tweeter said she had just read an article on CTV and no, the air is not clear. She said it was a nice try though. I retweeted that one.

So, this week in BC, our provincial government took away the teachers’ right to strike. This right was granted to them by the Labour Board and immediately, the province set out to draw up this bill. The news has been full of information about the “robocalls” and voter suppression in our last federal election. And now, the Crime Bill is almost passed. I don’t like the direction our province and country are headed. It truly stinks.

There are great challenges before you, from the overwhelming nature of climate change to the unfairness of an economy that excludes so many from our collective wealth, and the changes necessary to build a more inclusive and generous Canada. I believe in you. ~ Jack Layton


  1. I don’t know why it would not let me separate the paragraphs in this. Lord knows I tried……

  2. Well said: it certainly does smell. Smoke and mirrors – and the crime bill slips through. Ugh! (and just like dogs can never understand why people are suddenly not giving them hugs, the politicians can’t seem to figure out what they’ve done to warrant our angst. Figure it out boys!

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