Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | March 7, 2012

Aurora Borealis

Northern Lights over town in September 2011. Photo from

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are one of our treats for putting up with long, often harsh winters. I was awake last night, with my brain moving at full speed, so I checked Twitter. Everyone was talking about the lights that were over our town last night. I was able to watch them for awhile. No matter how many times I see them, they are always amazing. Last night’s lights were very similar to the ones pictured. They were green with tinges of orange trying to emerge. A still photo, or any image, really doesn’t do them any justice. They move and dance and morph across the sky. Ever shifting, ever moving. We can see them from our back deck, in the middle of town. They are even more amazing without the city lights around.I remember seeing the northern lights for the first time many years ago in Bay of Fundy National Park in New Brunswick. Those lights were white, and swirled around and around, like water going down the drain. Even though they were on the small side, they were still amazing. I don’t think I saw them again until I moved out here to Northern BC.

The best time to see the lights are in the fall or spring, when the sky is dark enough, and the temperature is not too cold. Once, I went to put the dog out, and noticed there were lights. It was about 10 degrees celsius out, and I had just made a cup of tea. I went out to the deck, and enjoyed my tea with a light show extraordinaire.

My favourite story of the lights came from a little girl. I believe her birthday was in December. She was about 6 years old. She went outside on her birthday, and the lights were dancing across the sky. She exclaimed something like “look what God gave me for my birthday!” She was a very spiritually connected little girl, so it was especially nice to hear the story.

It was nice to have a chance to watch the lights for a little while last night. I feel so lucky to be able to see them outside my window, without having to leave the house. Seeing them gives me a chance to say a small prayer, to have a moment of meditation. It’s times like these that I am thankful to have left the hustle and bustle of Toronto to come to this “remote” part of Canada. Our country is so diverse, full of all kinds of wonders.

I need to remember these moments when I get frustrated with the political happenings, or when I get overwhelmed. It is easy to stop, close your eyes, and remember a time watching the lights, or another favourite memory. Immediately, the blood pressure lowers, the breathing slows, and life is improved.


I wish the Northern Lights were of

A fabric apprehended

That from these earthbound Human hands

Those lights could be suspended

I wish the Northern Lights were mine

To hem and sew and weave

I’d make a cloak

For you to wear

To keep you from the breeze

~James Keelaghan


  1. Here on the West Coast it’s often too cloudy to see anything astronomical at night, but once in awhile the clouds break and the sky is filled with millions of stars, a mind-blowing sight, and I’m grateful and awed by that..the Northern Lights? Once, years ago in Winnipeg…they were amazing, yes

    • When I was looking for a picture to put in here, I saw some pictures of Northern Lights in London, Ontario, my home town. I would think it is a rare thing to see the lights there. A bright starry sky is indeed an amazing thing too!

  2. I miss seeing the Northern Lights! I used to love those summer nights in Minnesota when the sky would dance. Here in Virginia I try to get out and stargaze when I can (the Blue Ridge Parkway is great for that), but the Northern Lights are something entirely diferent and special. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks. It was a nice side effect of having a brain working overtime keeping me awake. I got to see the Northern Lights instead of sleeping through them. 🙂

  3. Looks like there will be more Northern Lights this week, and especially on Thursday night ––biggest-solar-flare-in-years-about-to-smack-earth-could-disrupt-power-grid-gps-and-more#.T1e018k6LOI.twitter

  4. Wow. I don’t think I have read such a peaceful blog like yours. It was like I was right there! Watching the Northern Lights myself! Wishing I was that little girl filled with innocent wonder at the gift God bestows us through nature and our ability to see beauty.

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts. It’s sooo necessary in this world of ours. And nice to hear from a fellow Torontonian! It makes me feel connected to my hometown, being so far away in Calgary. 😀

    • Thank you! Keep a look out tonight for the lights. You might even be able to see them in Calgary tonight. The Northern Lights are truly amazing. I never get tired of seeing them. Apparently we just missed a spectacular showing a few years ago, up at Liard Hotsprings. Apparently they were all colours and all over the sky. That would have been amazing!

      • Wowee! Man, if I didn’t live in a basement condo, I would TOTALLY be able to see them! I’m sooo looking forward to reading your peace-of-mind blogs. It’s like a soothing tea for my hectic worries. 😀 Thank you sooo much.


      • Maybe an evening walk is in order tonight. 🙂

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