Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | March 8, 2012


Today is International Women’s Day. I started the day with a community IWD breakfast. The breakfast started at 7:00 a.m., and even though it was so early, it was a great way to start the day. I met some new people, and got to see people I’ve known for awhile. Our mayor spoke of leadership opportunities for women that she had taken, and encouraged others to also take these courses. We finished the program with two young women singing together. They were amazing. I asked one when their CD will be released……there is one in the works! I sure hope they do well. I ended the day with the social work class that I am teaching. These are nine women who are almost at the end of their BSW’s. They will be fine additions to the social work field.

When I think of how things have changed for women since my grandmother was born, I am truly thankful. She was born in 1906. Since that time, women have gotten the vote. They have been declared to be “persons”. Women now have so many options than she did. My mother was born in 1932. She had more choices than her mother. She had career choices….nurse or teacher. She was a nurse. She was accepted as a “Stewardess” for an airline, but met my father……and the rest was history. I had far more choices than my mother did. Women of my generation broke the ceiling……or did they? Young women today seem to be able to do anything they decide.

In spite of all this progress,  in the year 2012, a leading American personality called a woman a slut and prostitute because she wanted to have accessible birth control. WTF? There is talk (or law?) suggesting a woman has to have a vaginal probe before she can get an abortion.  WTF? Domestic violence is still prevalent. Sexual assault still happens. I’m sure I could go on….and so could you.

We’ve come a long way baby, as they used to say. We still have a long way to go……

Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily this is not difficult. ~Charlotte Whitton June 1963 (Social Worker, Mayor of Ottawa)

This post is written in loving memory of my grandmother Gwen, my mother Nadine, and all the other women who have been role models and guides in my life.


  1. It’s good that you have role models and can base your attention to this day on the basis of these..
    I can’t feel comfortable about celebrating something that is so meaningless to most of the rest of the world, except to renew my feeling that it is necessary for all of us to do something to encourage and assist women in places where a fight about birth control seems trivial in the face of legal rape, female circumcision, and child enslavement…Women in Afghanistan are particularly needy of our support and help..
    Yes in N. America, the struggle continues for women to have the right to control their own bodies…but hopefully, while we express indignation at the throwbacks who would keep us barefoot and pregnant, spare a thought for women whose lives are always on the line, and to whom the most basic freedoms that we take for granted are an impossible fantasy…

    • I absolutely agree with you. I have been reading articles about the ways the GOP are restricting women’s rights in the US. It is crazy that such things happen in the “free-est” country in the world. They’re not free. If things like that are happening there, we know worse is happening elsewhere. Our local IWD events support programs aimed at helping women and improving the lives of women. I sometimes wonder if things will really change. Never-the-less, we need to recognize the progress that has happened, and work on making more progress.

  2. We should treat All women as the precious and beautiful gift from God that they truly are. My hope is that more men will do this.

    • Perhaps we really need to treat each other as beautiful gifts from God that everyone is. What a world that would be. 🙂

      • YES!!

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