Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | March 9, 2012

What happened?

Did anything happen with the solar flares yesterday? It seems to me there was a lot of news about them, and the potential problems they could cause. I heard that they were the strongest in many years. Did I hear that the last time the solar flares were this strong was in the 80’s? One thing I heard was that the aurora borealis was supposed to be seen further south than usual. Was it? I was looking forward to seeing a good showing of the lights last night, but alas, it was cloudy.

It seems we have a tendency to catastrophize many events. Remember the Y2K fears? Who packed up some supplies in the basement…..just in case? To be honest, I was glad to have left the city of Toronto. If the fears had happened, I did not want to be in a city like that. Oh, the problems that could have been there.

Then there is the storm front that is approaching… be prepared!!! Instead of 500 kph winds, and ten feet of snow, we get a skiff of snow.

There are so many things going on right now that catch our attention. Robocalls, election fraud, the crime bill, teachers’ strike…..the list goes on. We want to DO something about it. Or at least I do. I don’t like some of what seems to be happening. Some days I want to be able to talk to Harper to figure out what on earth he is thinking, and what does he think this will do to Canada……I suppose I can already guess the answers to that. I’m not in charge. I have no control. Well, little control anyway. I can vote. For what it is worth in this part of the country. I can speak out.

So, after all the talk about the potential problems arising from the solar flares, life seems to be the same as it was yesterday. I imagine that when the Crime Bill passes next week, Canada will continue on and adjust. There will be a Canada after “The Harper Government” leaves office. I wonder though, how it will look.

I’ll try not to be too alarmist. I will continue to be informed. I will no doubt rant some more. I will no doubt have my apathetic moments when I want to move away to some quiet Caribbean Island and sell rum punches.

I will put on my sun hat and sun screen,  and carry on. I will speak out and urge my  friends and everyone to vote.

I will breathe. And breathe again if I need to. I have enough problems without adding to them with things over which I have no control.

Common sense is the realised sense of proportion. ~Mahatma Gandhi



  1. I don’t know if it counts, but everyone in the family therapy office I’m interning at was in a REALLY weird mood yesterday. I chalked that up to the solar flare/Storm Moon combo….oh and the router decided it didn’t need to work anymore either. So…yeah.

    • Ah, so something did happen……of course, add in the full moon and things get really interesting! I also read somewhere that Mercury is doing something next week…..stay tuned. 😉

  2. Great quote and blog! I stopped listening to the news a long time ago as there is so much doom and gloom and overemphasis of things beyond our control. Thank you for sharing, and reminding me of internal island within.. 😀

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