Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | March 26, 2012

A month of blogging

I just realized I started this blog a month ago. Wow. It has been fun so far. It has been neat to put some ideas down, and to write. I have been pleasantly surprised to find that the words seem to float out of my fingers. I am looking at my world a little differently. I am looking for stories and ways of describing life. That makes me more aware. Aware is generally good. Most days.

Since hooking up with Word Press, I have been able to read some really cool blogs. I have learned new things. I have comiserated with some. Laughed at others. My sister and a friend are now in here with plans to write. How cool!

I love seeing my stats improve. Yesterday I had over 100 views! It was so exciting….but then, some days it doesn’t take much.

I’ve enjoyed being able to share stories with people. Some of the stories were scary to publish. I worried about what people might think. I didn’t think I could express myself well enough on those topics. Happily, I have gotten some good feedback. Even people who were on the bus with me on that fateful trip, have approved. 😀

We all have our stories to tell. Story telling is very healing. My work has allowed me to hear people’s stories and to watch them grow as they own and tell these stories. Residential school survivors who trusted me with some horrific tales. Sex abuse survivors who shared things no one else has heard. Of course, not all the stories I hear are tragic. I also get to hear of celebrations and strengths.

I don’t know what direction I’ll head next. I’ll be putting one foot in front of the other, and will continue to tell my story. I will also continue to celebrate the stories of others around me.

Happy Monday!

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. ~ Maya Angelou


  1. Wow..I’m impressed when I have more than ten readers..gonna have to work hard to catch up with you..

  2. It looks like we began our blogs around the same time. I am enjoying it as well. I agree with you about the importance of storytelling. I have been writing out my own story since I was a very young child. It was just a natural thing to do, almost instinctual. Probably it is instinctual, now that I am thinking about it. One thing you mention today is the balancing act between life’s sad or tragic stories with life’s stories of celebration and strength. You begin to see the beauty of the balance, the graciousness of life whenyou begin writing it out. For me writing slows the process down, reframes everything, opens all the doors and windows and lets the fresh air in.You also mention that writing changes how you view your own life. One thing I have learned is that through writing, you begin to become conscious of the stories you tell yourself. Stories have meaning, and when you become conscious of the story, you congruently become conscious of the story’s meaning, and this is the story’s potential to either enrich life or cheapen it. In a sense, my own blog is a re-writing of my life. I wanted to re-enter that space from another perspective, which is something writing has given me the ability to do. It sounds like you are making a similar discovery. You have a great writing voice. It’s very familiar, and trustworthy.

  3. True! True! Expressing one’s story has a way of validating the emotions and experiences that came with it. It has allowed one to view their story from (hopefully) a more peaceful angle, a chance to re-live it again as a cathartic release of what’s pent up inside.

    I completely agree that allowing clients and friends the opportunity to just simply release what’s bottled up inside, allows them a chance to rewrite their scripts, even if it’s only the monologue that we tell ourselves inside our heads, each morning and month we wake up to.

    May you have many more stories to share with us. 😀 Ameen. 😀


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