Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | March 27, 2012

Canadian Weather

Spring in parts of Canada

This picture was my world a year ago. It seemed like it would keep snowing forever! We are marginally better this year, mostly because there hasn’t been much snow all winter. Note, the snow blower in the picture is huge. Those snow banks were taller than I am. Do you see how tiny the stop sign looks? It is all perspective. And yes, there was a lot of snow! When it stopped snowing, it started to rain. Those of us who had some summer last year, had to leave town to find it. It did not make it here.

Canadian weather is rarely boring. Last week, while we were “enjoying” -15 celsius temperatures, those poor folks in the eastern half of Canada, from Manitoba east, were experiencing +25 degree weather. What the heck is with that?? Of course, when we in the west commented about the cold, our “friends” in the east made sure we knew it was so warm there. Gloat, gloat, gloat. Blech.

Thankfully, it has warmed up around here. This week, it is above zero, and things are melting like mad. We can almost see the pot holes grow before our eyes. The daylight is coming back, and we now have more than twelve hours of daylight in this part of the country. YAY. While it is nice to enjoy while it is here, I don’t pretend it is spring yet. It can still snow. A lot.

I have to say when it gets cold here, it gets COLD!  Alright, so maybe -127 is exaggerating a little bit……but it does feel that cold around here some days. Really. We can get temperatures into the -30’s celsius. If that is not enough, there will likely be a wind chill to make it more fun. Can you even imagien what a wind chill of -50 feels like??? Yep. Cold. Really cold. Polar fleece and layers are your friends when it is that cold. A nice Arctic parka works well too.

Then there is summer. I have lived in Toronto where it can be bloody hot, and humid. I remember being downtown Toronto when it was 35 or so celsius out there. I remember the radio stations kept talking about how hot it was that day in mid-July….as if we needed reminders……They said it was thirty-something degrees out there, and forty-something with the humidex…….and that is about 112 degrees farenheit……TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!

You wonder why Canadians are tough? Well, most of us have to deal with extreme heat in the summer, and extreme cold in the winter. We have to be able to deal with it all.

I love this part of the country, where people who are from here consider 22 celsius to be too hot. 27 is unbearable!  Our summers are wonderful. Most importantly, they are not humid. Most days. We do get rewarded for putting up with the cold. We get northern lights shows, and hoar frost. We get bright white sparkly winter days. We get long summer days that have almost 20 hours of daylight. 

It’s not like we can do anything about the weather… sure does give us something to talk about though!

Last week they were boasting about summer temperatures in the 20's, and the joys of sunburns in March. Reality has hit. This is March 26, 2012 in Nova Scotia.


Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.  ~John Ruskin


  1. Greetings! I started laughing out loud when you reminded me of Toronto summers and annoying radio broadcasters with useless reminders of how hot it was. HAHAH… And you’re absolutely right, the seasons of change do make us tougher to the waves of life. Thank you for sharing! 😀


    • Yes, it’s not like we need reminding that it is disgustingly hot and sticky outside, is it?!

      • HAHA… yeah.. and the smog advisories. Oh boy. Definitely don’t miss Toronto. Neither does my asthma. HAHAH.. 😀

      • Oh the advisories! Yep, don’t miss those at ALL!

  2. Living in the Southern part of BC, it certainly is humid in the summer, unfortunately..and you’re right, when it’s more than 22-23 Celsius I hate it..want to turn into a seasonal vampire, and only come out after dark…:(

    • Humid in BC? Damp, sure. Have you been to Toronto in the summer? Maybe though, it is because of the heat that it feels different. 🙂

  3. As they say, Canadian girls kick a$$! Yes!

    Don’t mess with me, I live in Canada! LOL

  4. One thing I miss about living out west is the ability to breathe all year long. I am in the Toronto area now which means at least two months of watching the world through a window pane because of the toxic swirl of heat, humity, and pollution.. I love winter. I walk outside as much as possible. My fisrt summer back in Ontario was such a shock. I had forgotten the art of quiet suffocation. I had no idea what asthma was like until then. It’s like trying to breathe with a sock up each nostril and your lips sewn shut. 🙂

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