Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | April 4, 2012

Springtime in the Peace

First tulips of 2012

It snowed last night. By all accounts, the flakes were huge and plentiful. We woke up to a fresh coat of white on our lawns, cars and everywhere. It was + 11 celsius yesterday, and is currently +4 as I type. Who knows what the next few days have in store for us! This time of year sure teaches us about “one day at a time” and perhaps about patience. Phew. Still, any winter from here on in has to be short-lived. Right? (please say yes!)

Our first tulips have started making their appearance. We have some neighbouhood deer, so who knows how long they will last. I haven’t seen the deer around much this year, but they love their tulips, so we may see evidence of them soon. They love the tulips at about the stage they are now. They leave them looking like someone took a pair of scissors and cut the tops off. Once there are flowers starting appear, they leave them alone. Apparently they do not taste as good then!

Some parts of Canada have seen temperatures in the 20’s already. Believe me, we have heard about that here! We are just glad to see the snow melt, and the sun come back. Eleven degrees is lovely now, and we are outside when we can, enjoying it. We won’t be looking too far ahead…..

Most of the snow is gone. There are just piles if it hanging around. The town is dusty again, waiting for its spring cleaning, courtesy of the city. Soon, there will be green grass, and leaves on the trees. For now, I am just glad to see that there is something under the snow. Real ground. Real pavement. Real grass, even though it is brown right now.

Some neighbourhood deer 2011

I enjoy the entertainment this time of year brings. Today I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt and shorts. He was carrying his toddler daughter who was wearing a winter jacket and mitts. His wife was wearing a hoodie and sweats. A short drive around town revealed people wearing winter jackets and mitts. This is most certainly a time of year that reveals a certain amount of diversity! I always wonder about those guys (and it is usually men) who wear shorts and t-shirts when it is only +4 outside. Do they consider +20 unbearably hot? And people who wear winter jackets, mitts and hats at this temperature….what do they do when it is really and truly cold outside?

I will work on taking each day as it comes. We may have ten feet of snow tomorrow….or we may have tropical temperatures. Spring is such a time of shifts and changes, anything is possible. Any time of change can be tumultuous and unpredictable. There are storms, and there are calm times. Eventually, hopefully, change brings about better things. Hopefully we are stronger once we have been through the storms. At least I hope so. It doesn’t always feel like those storms will make us stronger…

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.  ~Anne Bradstreet


  1. Love the photo! Deer are so difficult to capture. Thank you for sharing this post. 😀

    • Deer are really easy to capture when they are munching on your tree in the front yard! They almost pose for the camera then. I have a wonderful picture of my cat looking at the deer from the front window. I will have to post it and write a story to go with it…..stay tuned.

      • HAHAAHA.. obviously, the deer also trust you enough to not shoot them, with anything less than a camera that is. 😀 Yes, do share! 😀

        /Me waits…


  2. Well, it does help that we are inside the house and they are outside! They are neighbourhood deer, so quite used to people I think.

    • I posted this from my BlackBerry, so it didn’t end up as a response to you Pink. It worked well though. 🙂

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