Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | April 22, 2012

Vancouver on 420 and beyond

Vancouver is a wonderful city, spectacular when it isn’t raining. It has been nice to be visiting again during nice weather. Yesterday we walked all around town, and I got some well earned blisters. Visiting the Olympic Torch, Granville Island and seeing the filming of something that was supposedly NYC, made for a good day. Add good food and good friends, and it is even better.

It was interesting to be here on 420. I was sitting in the hotel room doing some work around 4:00 pm. I started hearing sirens of different varieties, many just giving the “woop woop” warning. I wondered what was happening, and noted it was 4:15 now. Aha. Did I mention, I am only a few blocks from the Art Gallery and Robson Square, the centre of the activities? I popped outside to grab a tea, and the air was full of the smell of pot. I guess thousands of people smoking it will do that. 🙂 Yesterday, our walk took us past the Art Gallery and Square. You’d never know anything had happened on the 20th.

My visit this time has been excellent, and a much earned break. I was able to do a guided walking tour through Stanley Park. This included a box lunch supplied by a raw food restaurant. Instead of bread, they had sprouted flax seed pressed into a flat bread shape. Yum. Of course, the sandwich had lots of veggies, some avocado and tampanade. Very flavourful. I need to add more of that to my diet. We also saw a heron rookery that had hundreds of nests high up in the trees. Very cool.

Our guide on the walk spoke of the benefits of walking in nature. Short amounts of time surrounded by trees boosts our immune system considerably, for several days. Maybe weeks. I don’t remember the details. It was a reminder though, for me to ensure I walk on our local trails more frequently. They also spoke of the benefit of small, three day holidays for the immune system.  I have been so busy with work things lately, it reminded me to add more balance. Easier said than done I think, but possible for sure.

This trip has been a reminder of many important things. 420 reminded me that we have to be able to speak out about the things we believe are important. No voice should be silenced. Walking around a city like Vancouver, and being able to visit Stanley Park reminded me how important it is to keep our cities safe, and to look after our environment. Finally, friends and relationships make our world so much better.

Every time I have some moment on a seashore, or in the mountains, or sometimes in a quiet forest, I think this is why the environment has to be preserved. ~Bill Bradley


  1. Hi, I think there is some truth to the health benefits of walking among trees. My husband and I do this almost daily with our dog, Avery. It always makes us feel better. I think our physcial bodies are more in tune with nature than our overcrowded minds. We also find canoeing leaves us with a feeling of well being for days. We plan to buy a life jacket for Avery so we can take her with us this year. Nature was all new to Avery. She had never been outside and it has been amazing watching her slowly unfold into the nature around her. Her instincts slowly began kicking in, and she is now fully a dog.
    Glad you had such a nice trip!

    • There is research that says thar nature is good for us. Alan C Logan, a naturopath, has just published a book on the subject. It is certainly better for us psychologically. Well, for me anyway. 🙂 My dog likes being out in the nature……though, he has been known to go play with a moose……thankfully, that ended well!

  2. The sad part is that we have to go for ‘vacations’ to be surrounded by what is left of what we have destroyed…instead of always being within it..
    This is why as soon as I could i moved to a rural area of Vancouver stress, tension and a minimum of drama..I love it! I had to go to Victoria today and felt the tension creeping up as we dealt with the traffic, parking, crowds, etc…and I wasn’t even driving…felt great to leave.

    • We ar truly lucky to have such green spaces as Stanley Park and the like in our urban areas. I have also been noticing all the water features in Vancouver during this trip. They make the city nicer to be in. I am glad to be living in northern BC where we have nice trails, and wilderness both in town and just outside of town. I need to make more of an effort to get out in them.

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