Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | May 1, 2012

Abort, stop, eliminate…..

My MP, Bob Zimmer, believes I want him and Mr Woodworth to be killed because I retweeted this tweet:

@KathrynB_FSJ: “@Beari8it: Leave women to make their own decisions and choices … abort @WoodworthMP#cdnpoli@bobzimmermp” Serious?

That inspired me to get writing again. Frankly, when I retweeted the tweet, I did not see the word “abort” in there. I was responding to the message to leave women to make their own choices. This is the majority of our discussion. I’m sure I’m missing a couple of tweets, but you get the gist:

@bobzimmermp Serious? About choices definitely

@KathrynB_FSJ…..I hope you clarify that you don’t condone aborting human beings….

@bobzimmermp I am not pro-abortion. I’m pro-choice. I know how difficult unplanned pregnancies can be. Abortion is not black & white issue.

Michelle Haslehurst@Myhasle: @bobzimmermp@KathrynB_FSJ@Beari8it@WoodworthMP rereadit she is making reference to #abortion issue….are you trying to intimidate her?

@Myhasle@bobzimmermp@Beari8it@WoodworthMP#abortion I don’t intimidate that easily. ☺

@KathrynB_FSJ didn’t you say abort (eliminate) @bobzimmermp and @stephenwoodworth? Who’s intimidating who?

@bobzimmermp @Beari8it@WoodworthMP#cdnpoli Since this is the original RT show me where I said eliminate. Please.

@bobzimmermp@stephenwoodworth Abort = stop.

Frankly, I found the entire discussion bizzare. When it started, I thought we were talking about the abortion issue. It soon became clear that Mr. Zimmer was accusing me of wanting him eliminated. WTF?

I’m left wondering about the role of differing opinions with this government. I’m also wondering about the level of paranoia. Does disagreeing with someone in power equal threat? Is it just a difference of definition of a word?

I looked up the word “abort” online. It can be found here: Note that one definition is:

a: to terminate prematurely :cancel <abort a project> <abort a spaceflight> b: to stop in the early stages <abort a disease>
Furthermore, they have synonyms of the word:
Apparently Mr Zimmer is not aware of the entire meaning of the word.
I re-tweeted the original tweet because it stated my belief concisely.
I wonder why this abortion issue is even being raised at this time. There are some alarming things happening in the US with vaginal probes and anti-female laws. Mr Harper has says that he will not raise the abortion issue again. I certainly hope he meant that. Speculation is that he is allowing people like Mr Woodworth to raise this issue as a test balloon. Others suggest that Harper will not let this get far. I hope it will not go far.
I have done a fair amount of adoption work. I have met couples who have faced infertility and have seen the pain that causes. I have met women (couples) who have faced unplanned pregnancies, and know how difficult their choices are. A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy has three very difficult choices – 1. parent the child, 2. abort the child, 3. place the child for adoption. Each choice has significant consequences. It is important that women be able to discuss their options fully so they can make a good decision for them.
It galls me that the most outspoken opponents of abortion tend to be white, middle-aged men. They seem to think that women make the decision to abort flippantly. I have met women who have had abortions and have never met one that made the decision easily.
While I was writing this, Mr Zimmer replied to my tweet with the definition of abort:

@KathrynB_FSJ an apology would be much easier…that definition makes my point, not yours.

I give up.




  1. I don’t tweet, and I barely Facebook..this idiocy is part of the reason why..instead of discussing the original premise of the ‘debate’ everyone is reduced to playing semantics games. Let’s get real here, there is very little to discuss..and as for Woodworth, I’ll just bet his mother often wished she’d had the option…
    Let the phony alarm and fear begin about what i said…

  2. Having been faced with the prospect of an abortion twice, I cannot believe there is anyone who truly believes that abortion is a black and white issue. When I was carrying my twins my doctor broke the news to me that I might have to face the choice between my own health and the life of my babies. I had hyperemesis, and for those who are not familiar with this there was a chance that I could starve to death because while pregnant I was not able to digest food. It is rare these days to die of this, but it does happen. It is not an easy way to go and the babies often die anyway.My husband considered my life of value and although we chose to continue on with the help of a new medication, had it not worked he painfully told me that he wanted me to live. Fortunately the drug worked and I had two healthy boys. My point is, this is not a black and white issue.It is in fact impossible for life and death to be black and white – ever.
    The second time was my last pregnacy and this time my baby’s spine was not properly attached and it was believed it would be born with very little chance of survival, and even if it was born alive it would have had little or no self awareness. I had two babies at home. Again i was faced with the decision of whether or not to go through with the pregnancy. At one point I was told the baby had died, and that i could not have it’s body removed from inside me. Does anyone have any idea how difficult that is? Ito be carrying a dead baby?I was distraught. I found a doctor willing to do the abortion but he wanted to have an ultrasound first to make sure the baby was not viable. I agreed, and wanted this proof as well. I was shocked that a doctor could tell me my baby was dead, and not be sure. so on a roller coaster between pain and hope I made an appointment for the ultrasould. I wanted my baby. When I was standing at the triage window the nurse announced loudly that I was the one there for an abortion. (actually I was there for an ultrasound to see if an abortion was necessary but why quibble)And a woman standing behind me with her husband went into full tilt preaching mode telling me if I didn’t want my baby she’d raise it and so forth. This was in a very full and crowded room. I turned to her and told her my baby had died, and asked how she would raise it. In the end the baby made it’s way out on its own. The second doctor was helpful and thoughtful, and truly wanted to help me through whatever was going to happen. The story is more complicated than this but for the sake of brevity that’s it. Black and white? I don’t think so.

    • Wow Lori Ann, thanks for your comments. It is stories like yours that make me a strong supporter of choice. No one should dictate what someone can do in this situation. You were treated very badly by the “professionals” in your life. Wow.

  3. Courts have long defended a woman’s right to choose. This should never change!! I take issue with anyone deciding what is best for me or any woman, medically, whether they agree with choices made or not!!!

    Your MP should realize that abort also means abandon. I encourage all his constituents to abort, abort, abort (that’s abandon, NOT exterminate, eliminate or any life ending act). RUN, screaming, in the opposite direction!!! Such narrow minded and ridiculous assumptions (his assumption of your message I mean) and subsequent reply to his constituent (you) whether he likes you or not, is not only incredibly immature, it’s quite unprofessional for a public figure!!!

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