Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | May 17, 2012

Glitches and technology!

So, I wrote a post about my dog’s latest adventures. I included a couple of photos taken by a nice young photographer. I published the post, and half of it was gone. Gone into the dark unknown of cyberspace or something. To add insult to injury, I learned that the photos I had are not big enough for their intended purpose. I’m so glad to be going for a massage in a few minutes!

Photo by Hails Elizabeth Photography


  1. My biggest technology puzzlement is inadvertendly pressing something on my keyboard that makes my work disappear. It’s like a poof, and the entire thing blinks and disappears.(by ‘thing’ I should specifiy that I mean the thing I have just written, and not the actual computer 🙂 My keyboard is very sensitive so I just have to hover over it and so I am barely passing over whatever key is causing things to blip away. Ugh!

  2. I feel yoyr pain…imagine creating somethig that took many hours, having to rearrange your house to set up something vaguely resembling a photography studio, taking the pictures, uploading them, editing them, then going to my website (Etsy) to try and submit them and a paragraph of description, only to be told that my images are the wrong size…it is to weep….
    But the one you show is very nice!

    • It most certainly is to weep……

      The pictures are awesome and totally suited for this format. Sadly, they were not suitable for what they were intended. Happily, I was able to get the proper format, and will send them tomorrow. I will go back to the other post tomorrow too. Stay tuned. 😀

  3. Ugh, sorry about the typos…why don’t they have an edit button for those of us who need one after the fact? Like a morning after pill, or something….

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