Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | July 14, 2012

Helios and the Magpies

Helios and the Magpies July 2012

The picture is not that great and the fence needs painting, but you get the idea. I grabbed this picture with my BlackBerry this morning. It is a picture of the happenings in our backyard every morning these days. It is too bad there isn’t sound to go with it. Sound would complete the picture, because those birds have a lot to say. 

We have a magpie nest in one of the poplar trees that line our backyard. Momma and poppa magpie are very protective of their offspring. Whenever Helios goes out in the morning, they start squawking and swearing. If you’ve lived near magpies for even a few days, you know the sound they make. They swoop and harass the dog, who largely minds his own business….as you can see in this picture. Every now again, he will chase them with a big grin on his face. He hsn’t caught one yet….though maybe that’s not the goal. I suspect he sees it as a game…..or a big annoyance. Or both.  As I am sitting here writing, the dog is outside, and the birds are at it. The crows have joined the chorus, and there is another dog barking. I think the magpies have invited their magpie friends. Then there is the neighbour who is using some very loud piece of equipment to build something in his backyard…..I’m glad I don’t work nights and have to sleep today…..

A great way to pass the time on a sunny Saturday

Today is a glorious sunny summer day. The forecast says it will be 32 today. Artemis is enjoying a siesta in the sun, on a comfy pillow. Apollo is in a similar position on a chair. I think it is time for me to shut this down, and go for a walk with Helios. 

The dog is inside, and the magpies are quiet. For now.

Magpie, n: A bird whose thievish disposition suggested to someone it might be taught to talk ~ Ambrose Bierce

Here’s a clip with a magpie call in case you haven’t heard it:


  1. Amazing! I was just thinking of you, and bam, here is another fine post! 😀 Woo! God must love me. 😀


    • Thanks. I’ve been busy with an online course and work related writing, so haven’t been in here. Hopefully I can write in here more often again. 🙂

      • Yes, we look forward to reading more! Our peaceful social worker! 😀


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