Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | August 13, 2012

GC41 Monday morning thoughts

I think today is Monday. I left home on August 3rd and have spent a week in Ontario. I flew into Ottawa and headed off for a whirlwind tour of Southern Ontario visiting friends and family. I had reserved a small car to rent, and when I got to the rental place, I ended up with a Ford Flex……a vehicle that almost seems to need a bus licence to operate. It turned out to be a wonderful drive, partly because it had some cool tools like a back up camera and indicators in the side view mirrors to let you know when someone was in your blind spot. That is good because the blind spots were the size of a football field.  I visited Ottawa, Cambridge, London, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Toronto, and finally Millbrook. I got to be part of a very important fourth birthday party and to visit family and friends. Now I am back in Ottawa for GC41.

GC41 or General Council 41 started on Saturday at 4:00 pm. Most commissioners and participants arrived between Friday and that time. When I arrived in the early afternoon, Carleton University campus was buzzing with United Church people….and military…and a Jamaican marching band. It was hot and humid, well not so hot anymore but most definitely humid. I found my room, some friends and some food.

GC41 opened with a worship service that included music and prayer. Our moderator preached a sermon on Micah and spoke of Humility, Compassion and Justice. She preached a third of the sermon in French, so I missed a chunk. I will look for the transcripts online so I can read what she said. She stated we shout humility, we speak compassion and we mumble humble……it was a good reminder.

Yesterday we started the day with an ice cream “proposal” to show new commissioners how the process worked. It was a fun way to show how we operate. And yes, there was the threat of being bogged down with process. The day continued with “pop up prophets” who preached at different times. Most of these prophets were former moderators. Business of the day including accepting changes to our crest so that Aboriginal people are represented. We also accepted the remits, adding to our statements of faith.

It seems our church is making some great changes. I look forward to what the rest of GC41 brings.

For more information check the website for GC41




  1. So great to see you blog, and love your reminder of humility… 😀 I really needed that.. thank youuu


    • Thanks Pink. Because the theme of our meetings has been based on the Micah passage asking us to seek justice, seek kindness and walk humbly, we have had many reminders of humility this week. Along with the other things of course. It has been a good, though exhausting week. )

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