Posted by: Peaceful Social Worker | August 14, 2012

GC41 Tuesday morning thoughts

My BlackBerry says it is Tuesday. I’m up and ready to start day four at GC41. Yesterday was a full day that went by quickly. We heard reports, sang, laughed and cried. In true UCC fashion, there was some extraordinary wordsmithing done…….I suppose that is what happens when there are so many people in a room who write sermons and tell stories for a living. 🙂

I was going to write a summary of the day, but you can get that information at this link: 

This gathering is a place where many voices are heard, and great messages spoken. The Aboriginal woman who spoke of the Empire being present in the church still and how Aboriginal voices are still not being heard adequately in the church. I wondered what would happen if Aboriginal people had the courage to speak up, and if non-Aboriginal people had the courage to listen. I posted that on Twitter and one woman responded with “The Spirit would move BIG TIME and God would be smiling BIG TIME! :)” It sure would.

Then there was Barb Janes who spoke of Mary, “the girl from the other side of the Empire”. The tense in the passage she used to base her sermon was present, continuous, and tense. Present. Continuous. Tense. She spoke of how this demands our action and ways of living. Very powerful. I hope to find a transcript of the sermon so I can read it and ponder it some more. She has a blog: I will be checking in on that more too.

I got to witness the best church report EVER! Betty Turcotte gave the UCW report using a bit of a strip tease. That got our attention and we laughed through it while she made her points. She was wearing a sweatshirt and several t-shirts from different parts of her ministry with the UCW. As she spoke of each one, she removed another t-shirt to begin another section of the report. At the end, Mardi commented htat Betty had raised the bar for reports, and that she was glad hers was already done.

The day ended with Anne Hines ( helping us with six ways to stay awake in church meetings. We were wiping tears off our faces because we were laughing so hard. She also helped us to understand the wierd way the tables are laid out. They are numbered, but the numbers are not in order. She solved this problem by drawing a connect the dots diagram. The final result spelled “We love the manual”.

We heard from the moderators throughout the day. We have some very good candidates and the decision will be difficult. Thankfully we do not have to make a decision yet.

Today we address the Israel/Palestine issue, and whether to have a boycott…..should be interesting….


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