I am a social worker in private practice. I have worked in Addictions and Mental Health for much of my career. I am a transplant from Southern Ontario. We moved from the “GTA” (Toronto) to Northern BC to learn about and explore another part of the country. I am a member of the United Church of Canada, and am quite involved in my congregation and presbytery. I am a lay leader who continues to grow and learn. I volunteer at the local animal shelter and was happily adopted by a shelter dog. The two cats accepted him quite quickly. I curl and sing. My mind has been described as a web, so who knows where this blog will go!


  1. Thanks for the “like.”

    Can you help me with something? I had a huge spike in readership in the last six hours, and have no idea why. How did you come across my blog? I think someone must be posting a link to my blog somewhere.

    Take care and God bless!

    • Hi Ron, your blog was shared by Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented on Facebook. At least that is where I saw it. I also shared it. 🙂

  2. Thanks PSW. I thought your comments about buildings and contemplative faith were interesting. I’ll be back later to take a better look.

    • Thanks Ron. I’ve been meaning to write another post about faith and church after going to our Conference meeting a couple of weeks ago. I suppose I need some percolating time…..

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